Introducing the Sports Czar!

Anyone who knows sports knows who Bill Simmons is.  And anyone who   reads Bill Simmons knows that even though he’s turned profoundly annoying and has always had a serious anti-Detroit bias, he’s had some pretty good ideas.  Foremost among those, in my opinion, has been the idea of a sports czar who would oversee all sporting issues throughout the land.  It’s not a terrible idea.  In fact, it’s such a not terrible idea that I’m commandeering it, proclaiming myself Sports Czar, and deciding what needs to be fixed in sports.  Because I watch more sports than most and therefore my opinion is completely valid.

Now, will this just be a simple case of me fixing all the problems in sports?  Of course not.  Some things just can’t be fixed.  But a lot of things can, with relatively simple changes.  That’s the fun of things.  A lot of this will be Detroit focused and discussing what the local teams need to do to fix their problems.  Example: cut Titus Young!  Done and done.  See, some of this stuff isn’t that hard.

There will be no rhyme or reason.  Lately I’ve been thinking about fixing the Baseball Hall of Fame and changing certain team nicknames, so those will be coming soon.  I doubt this will have any kind of respectable schedule, because I’m lazy, I like my TV, I’m trying to get in shape, and I have a job and friends.  I’ll try to be funny, but really, if you’re looking for comedy, read Rogo.

Beyond that, enjoy, and I welcome your comments.

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